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News on Sustainability Issues

Climate change is already affecting global food production — unequally

The world’s top 10 crops — barley, cassava, maize, oil palm, rapeseed, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugarcane and wheat — supply a combined 83 percent of all calories produced on cropland. Yields have long been projected to decrease in future climate conditions. Now, new research shows climate change has already affected production of these key energy […]

Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds to be banned in England

Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds to be banned in England Source: Michael Gove has confirmed a ban on the supply of the items after a consultation revealed “overwhelming” public support. Source:

Uhuru announces ban on single use plastic in Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a ban on single-use plastics in beaches, national parks, forests and conservation areas. The ban will take effect on June 5, 2020. President Uhuru of Kenya annouces a ban on single-use plastics starting in 2020 President Uhuru of Kena has announced a ban on single use plastics to come […]

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