Solar for your Businesses or residential complexes


Worried about energy costs for the next few years?

See our exciting Zero Capital Solar offer for Business or Residential Complexes


  • No upfront capital.
  • Use your electricity savings to buy your solar system.
  • Clean, green energy.
  • A fixed monthly fee.
  • Annual increases that are a fraction of Eskom’s expected increases.
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Solar for your Home

Want to investigate Solar for your home?

We can help you with:

  • Deciding which type of solar is best for you
  • What size solar system should you install
  • Calculating your savings
  • Understanding the legal issues
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Energy Audits

Need to understand the energy costs of your home of business?

We can help you with an energy audit:

  • See your daily energy profile
  • Identify what is using your power
  • Suggestions on how to reduce your costs
  • Get a full solar analysis to understand if a solar system would work for you
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Not ready to go fully solar yet?

Then check out our great range of solar products that you can use in and around your home: