Tap or Drain?

Think your bathroom tap uses little water? Think again! The average bathroom taps uses between 7 and 15 liters of water per minute.

In a household of 4 people, with each person using the bathroom taps for three minutes per day, this can amount to 65 700 liters of water per year. At R15 per cubic meter of water, the bathroom tap cost upto R1000 per year. A huge amount to pay for water running down your basin’s drain.
Installing a good aerator on your bathroom taps can pay for itself in months. The videos below show two popular water saving aerators that are inexpensive and easy to install :

The Neoperl Mikado
The Hi-Hippo one-touch

Neoperl Mikado Spray 1.4L/min Aerator Insert

The Mikado aerator insert saves up to 88% of your taps water use by reducing the flow to as low as 1.4 liters per minute, whilst producing an appealing spray pattern. This low flow rate is sufficient to wash your hands and face and brush your teeth – no more waste of water and money

And the best is that you do not need to pay a plumber to install it for you – simply unscrew your current aerator, replace the inner part with your Mikado aerator insert and screw it back on.

Other water-savings ideas

Add the cost of showers and flushing toilets, and the bill hugely increases.  Small sustainable changes can make a vast impact on saving your money and our water resources.

Find high quality, sustainable water products in our water saving product section

Saving water at your guest house or place of work

Office blocks, guest houses and communal bathrooms further increase the draining of our water resources and should be a focal point for water conservation and reducing running costs. We can help with advice on how and where to save water without inconveniencing your guests or employees and we offer great prices for large orders.

Please send an e-mail to .  We will contact you to discuss the opportunities to save water in your workplace.


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