Going Green, Making Money

going green, making money

Water Saving Shower Head

“Investing” in a water saving shower head is a no brainer. Not only do you use less water, you save electricity and a lot of money

Could simply changing your Shower Head Make You Money?

While you may not be surprised that the answer is yes, you may be surprised by the amount of money this simple change can achieve.

Replacing your old shower head with a R395 water-saving shower head can save R20 000 over the next 5 years. The main reason for this saving is the reduction in electricity required to heat the water in your geyser after a shower.

How do I get to this answer?

Let’s create the scenario that your home has a shower that is used by two people who shower for 5 minutes a day, and that your current shower head has a flow rate of 15 liters per minute.

If the shower head is replaced with an Oxygenics shower head, the flow rate will reduce to a maximum of 8 liters per minute.  (Although I still enjoy my shower with it turned down to a flow rate of 2 liters per minute!)

The lower flow rate reduces the electricity required to reheat the geyers by 1.8 kWh (units)  per day or 656 kWh/ year. It also saves 25kL of water per year.

In Cape Town that equates to a saving of R3 300 per year. The shower head pays for itself in the first month and a half.

Assuming Eskom get a 10% increase per year over the the next three years, the shower head savings will increase every year and will save a total of R19 700 over 5 years. An average return of over 800% each year…. much better than investing in either the bank or the stock market. The savings will be more if eskom gets the increases they are asking for.

This is why if people ask what energy saving products to start with, I always suggest a water-saving shower head…. It really is a no-brainer.

Finally, why Oxygenics? At Greenlight we test each product before marketing them to our customers. We have looked at and tried a number of water-saving shower heads, and the Oxygenics range keeps coming out on top.  The reason for this is that these showerheads are designed to deliver a high pressure shower using minimum water. This means that you don’t feel like you are sacrificing the enjoyment of your daily shower in order to save water and electricity, one customer even reported that he thought his showerhead was not working because it felt like he was using too much water.  The cherry-on-top with this showerhead is it easily removes shampoo and conditioner from long hair, unlike many other low-flow heads.

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