Reel Gardening is an innovative green concept that makes growing your own produce so much easier. This biodegradable seed-embedded tape was invented by a young female entrepreneur in South Africa. It’s an award-winning innovation that’s designed to be kind to the Earth.

Reel Gardening paper tape products are handmade and embedded with a selection of herb, flower and vegetable seeds. When the tape is planted, it provides nutrients and moisture for the seeds, helping them to grow while requiring less water and less effort. The tape also breaks down harmlessly, returning to nature with no unnecessary waste.

Products and kits from the Reel Gardening range make at-home planting and growing fun and easy. A great outdoor activity for green families. Reel Gardening has also works with a sister non-profit organisation called Reel Life NPC, which works to help people around South Africa start their own sustainable vegetable gardens.

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Reel Gardening Grow Pod

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