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At Greenlight we are ALL passionate about greening our lives. This commitment comes straight from the top! You don’t launch an eco-online store unless sustainable living is something you are truly passionate about, and that can certainly be said about our founders, Alta Nell and Richard Viljoen.

With so many tried and tested eco-products to choose from, deciding where to start your eco-journey can be a bit overwhelming. So, we asked Richard and Alta to share the love this February and tell us about their all-time favourite Greenlight products.

Today, Alta shares her top three Greenlight products:

1. E-Shower

When water restrictions were introduced around May 2017, we started looking for a showerhead that would save water, but wouldn’t lose pressure.  At the time, I had long hair, as do my two daughters, and the water restrictor showerheads we had installed were a major problem for us!  It took forever to rinse the soap out of our hair. I decided to measure our water use and was horrified by the results – with the restrictor we were still using around 12lpm.

Through product research at Greenlight, we came across the Oxygenics showerheads and I had the privilege of testing their E-Shower – what a substantial difference it made.  Washing and rinsing my hair became a much quicker process and we were down to 7lpm.  Because the showerhead uses air to maintain the water pressure, it is noisier than your standard showerhead, but as our showers are so quick these days I hardly notice the noise. We have now replaced all of our showerheads in the house and we have noticed that after staying over, and using our shower, friends and family have all changed their showerheads too.

2. Steely High Performance Sports Bottle

I travel relatively long distances regularly and have to have water in the car for these trips.  Often, I have found myself throwing away half a bottle of bought water, as it has heated up in the car. Not only was I feeling guilty for buying bottled water regularly, I had the added guilt of so often throwing away half-finished bottles.

I quickly realised that a good quality reusable water-bottle was the answer. Through product testing for Greenlight, I came across the Steely High-Performance Sports Bottle and I haven’t looked back. The water remains cold for hours on end and buying bottled water is a thing of the past. If I don’t have access to cold water, I pop in a few ice blocks and the water remains icy for hours – what a pleasure when you are travelling long distances.


Being assured of an ice-cold drink on a hot day AND knowing that I am not buying bottled water is a double joy for me.

– Alta Nell

3. Safix Scrub Pad

When considering importing the Safix Scrub Pads for Greenlight, I requested samples from the manufacturer to test the quality and usability of the product and they quickly became one of my favourite finds.  Initially they were a bit hard, I am used to a soft and flexible scrub, but after a few washes the Safix Scrub Pad quickly became flexible and easy to use. The scrub pad has replaced the use of green sponges in my kitchen and bathroom and I haven’t looked back.  One of their big wins for me, is that I can use them on my glass stove and the glass doors of our showers, with no scratching.  They are hygienic, and when food does get stuck, it rinses out very easily (sometimes it just needs a few “slaps” against the sink to get it all out).  It does not replace the metal scorers for those heavy burnt pots – but for everything else, I am now a firm Safix believer. I have used my sample for 3.5 months (a good lifetime if you ask me), but instead of going into the bin and then into a landfill, it will now be used as a natural firelighter or popped into our compost bin.


To shop Alta’s favourite products visit: https://greenlightonline.co.za/eco-friendly-online-shop/

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