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This week we chat to Alta Nell’s daughter, Soné, about the influence Greenlight has had on her family and her personal green journey. Having tried and tested most of Greenlight’s products, Soné also agreed to share the love this Valentine’s day by giving us some insider information into her top ten favourite Greenlight products…

I have always loved nature and I have always been aware of words like Global Warming,” “pollution,” “climate change,” andlandfills.” But,as humans, we often find it difficult to make changes, especially when it comes to how we treat our planet. Firstly, someone has to educate us about the situation, secondly we have to realise that we CAN change our ways and finally, we have to commit to thinking and acting in a way that will make a difference. Even as someone who was acutely aware of these issues, making the necessary changes didn’t always come easily to me.

This is where Greenlight came in.  As a family we have always been very aware of our influence on the planet, but being so closely involved with Greenlight has dramatically changed the way we think about sustainable living and the impact that our actions are having on our planet. We are now constantly presented with various eco-friendly alternatives to our lifestyle, and often these new products serve to educate us about things that we would never even have considered to be a problem before.

These days, wherever I go, I try to introduce and influence individuals, making them more aware of their environmental impact, and how easily they can make small changes in their day-to-day living, that will positivity impact our planet. I now see myself as a Greenlight ambassador and am happy to say that many people have bought from the online shop after we have spoken. Men, women, children… there really is something for everyone! I especially love giving eco-gifts. Gone are the days of presents that eventually end up on landfills AND I’m subtly influencing my friends’ green choices at the same time. Luckily, Greenlight has a whole section for Valentine’s Day, making my job a whole lot easier this year…

Soné Nell’s ultimate favourites:


Insulated Steely Water Bottle (500ml Tie-Dye)

This beautiful bottle keeps my water cold for up to 24 hours! It helps me to keep hydrated with ice cold water on those very hot Stellenbosch days, AND I look super trendy at university with such a pretty coloured bottle. Best of all…no plastic water bottles were harmed or ended up on a landfill during the writing of this article 😉




Ecoffee Cup – Kerr and Napier (340ml) 

The same way the Steely bottle helps me to hydrate with cold water in summer, this stylish cup helps me to warm up with some hot chocolate in winter! There are a tonne of beautiful designs, but I am a sucker for a matte black cup!



Stasher Bags

I have class from 8-5 most days, and I. Get. Hungry.The Stasher bags help me to keep my lunches fresh throughout the day, while being super cute and colourful at the same time! I can also freeze my meal-preps in these bags. I don’t have to have cling wrap or a single sandwich bag in my flat!

Buzzy Wraps

Don’t buy me chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day… buy me cheese. I used to lose out on a lot of cheese, because it goes hard in the fridge. BUZZY WRAPS TO THE RESCUE! My produce now remains soft with cheesy goodness thanks to these wonderful wraps! I love that they are natural and made from cotton and beeswax! (For a vegan alternative, try the Soy Wax Wraps).


I love going out for a milkshake with friends, who doesn’t?  Since the awareness about plastic straws has been created, this activity has decreased in popularity though. I refuse to use plastic straws, but it is very difficult being forced to “eat” your milkshake with a spoon! Thanks to my funky aqua Silistraw, I have been able to attend to my milkshake duties again! No aftertaste, no risk of breaking, easy to use and PLASTIC FREE!


I have recently moved over to using blocks of soap instead of shower gel (goodbye plastic bottles!) The last sliver of soap never gets used though… With the Safix soap rest, I leave the block of soap on it so there is no soapy mess, and when there is only a little bit left, the soap rest can be used WITH the soap as a sponge. I use the Safix Kitchen Sponge to replace those plastic-filled green kitchen sponges, too. It lasts for much longer AND I can even scrub my non-stick pans with them.

Simply Bee Products

I am a fan of using natural products for the body, but in the past I have never found products that I felt cleaned, moisturised and soothed as much as mainstream brands. I tested one Simply Bee product, and now I am hooked. I can personally recommend the Gel Cleanser, Daily Moisturiser, Hydrating Honey Face Mask and the Honey Scrub! Their products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and gentle on your skin!

Hessian Sprouting Bag

Who doesn’t love a little crunch in their salad? Sprouts are a great way of adding excitement to salads (and who knows what else?), and with the Hessian Sprouting Bags you can grow it naturally wherever you are! No need to go to the grocery store every time. You don’t need a garden, and there is no need to use pesticides or fertilizers, so you can be comfortable when eating these all-natural sprouts!

EcoEgg Laundry Eggs

With the water restrictions we had (you should still be saving water!) in the Western Cape, we started recycling the water from our washing machine. There is SO MUCH soap that would normally run down the drain and eventually into the ocean. With the EcoEgg, there is no need for washing powder or liquid, and your clothes are super clean and fresh afterwards. I don’t know if it is chemistry, physics or magic… but your clothes are washed without a drop of soap! (Disclaimer: My dogs sleep in bed with me, so one would think to use more soap when washing my linen to get the scent of dog off – the EcoEgg Laundry Egg does the job just as well!)

MPower Menstrual Cup

At my core, I struggle with change. Moving from traditional feminine hygiene products to something so unconventional was a scary change, but I am so grateful that I did it! It has been said that you spend around R15 000 on feminine hygiene products in your lifetime. Every single one of these products are non-recyclable and end up on landfills or in the ocean. The MCup is made from 100% pure, medically approved silicone and can be used for 5 years. After it has served its purpose it can be recycled, and you have saved a tonne of money. Where the MCup costs R220, you would have spent approximately R1800 on feminine hygiene products, depending on which brands you prefer. The MCup has given me added confidence, which is badly needed when you are bloated, full of cramps and sensitive. It is so comfortable that I sometimes forget I have one in! You can exercise, cycle, gym, run, shower, bath and even swim while wearing your MCup! You can wear whatever you want, and do not have to worry about wearing period-appropriate underwear and clothes. The MCup has 4 extremely small holes at the top of the cup which ensure that an air lock forms. When you insert the cup, it moves as you move and takes the form of your body. After a few minutes you don’t feel a thing! The pros definitely outweigh the cons and I can go on for hours. The MCup is an overall winner!


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