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safix scrubs

Safix scrubs are long lasting, hygienic and 100% plastic free. While they may start out a little stiff, I found them to be incredibly effective at removing dirt while not scratching even delicate glass surfaces. My scrub lasted 3 months without looking grimy, which means it is also a highly cost effective means of cleaning.

Reviewed by: Alta Nell

Why it is Eco-friendly

They are made from coconut fibre, so there is no plastic. Unlike the traditional kitchen sponge, I can cut it into pieces and “plant” it in my flower pots or garden.

A lot more open area means that the scrubs dry quickly – so there is less bacterial growth and therefore they are much more hygienic…

Non-scratch, eco-friendly all-purpose scrub

Effectiveness & Ease of Use

I found the scrubs to be even better than the traditional green sponge. 

The scrubs are easy to use and do not scratch glassware, glass stoves, shower doors etc.  Initially the scrubs are a bit hard, but after a few uses they become flexible.  They also use less soap, which is an additional saving.  After use (especially in the kitchen), rinse and “whack” against the sink to get the loose pieces of food out.  When it is covered in stubborn grease, wash with soap and rinse.

I have only recently cut up my first scrub and “planted” it.  I will check to see how it decays.

So easy to use – no more hidden bacteria!

Financial Impact

The most well-known brand of kitchen sponges cost around R29 for three.  For hygienic purposes, I replaced my kitchen sponges every three weeks – which is a cost of about R39 over 12 weeks.  

I used one Safix regular scrub for 3 months at a cost of R33.

Expressing this cost over 4 weeks, the regular sponges will cost R13, while the Safix will be R11.

One scrub will last around 3 months, a very cost-effective kitchen scrub

R38.00R171.00 Incl VAT

Kitchen Sponge Replacements

Safix Coconut Fibre Dish Scrubber – Large

R62.00R285.00 Incl VAT
R38.00R171.00 Incl VAT

Kitchen Sponge Replacements

Safix Coconut Fibre Soap Rest

R39.00R175.00 Incl VAT

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