Water Saving Bundle for Taps and Shower

R498.00 Incl VAT

In stock

Bundle includes: 

  • Oxygenics e-Shower Water Saving Shower Head
  • 2 x Neoperl Mikado Aerator

A good shower will give you a strong flow of water, create a feeling of luxury and warmth.  But this comes at a price – the average household shower uses 15 to 25 liters of water per minute.  A 5 minute shower can use as much as 125 liters of water.

Your average basin tap is used for about a minute at a time.  But have you ever considered how much water is used in that minute?  The average bathroom tap uses between 10 and 15 liters per minute.

The affordable Oxygenics e-Shower Water Saving Shower Head is a quality shower head, combining the elements of a good shower whilst saving water (and money) with a sleek durable design.  The self-pressurizing sensational shower spray allows you to have a guilt-free shower experience.

The Mikado aerator insert saves up to 88% of your taps water use by reducing the flow to as little as 1.4 liters per minute, whilst producing an appealing spray pattern. This low flow rate is sufficient to wash your hands face and brush your teeth – no more wasting of water and money!

To install, simply unscrew your current showerhead and screw your new Oxygenics e-Shower Water Saving Shower Head on. Unscrew your current aerator, replace the inner part with your Mikado aerator insert and screw it back on.

Order your water saving bundle today and start saving water and money immediately. 

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