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Triple Orange Wonder Spray 500ml

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“Quick-Clean” – and its done!

Specially formulated with ingredients which are gentle on the environment and cleans even the smallest stains. That’s what happens when you combine one of the natural world’s best cleaning ingredients and one of its best bug deterrents? All Purpose Cleaning Spray!

  • Grubby light switches, Greasy marks on doors
  • Gooey bits on counters.
  • Safe for use in septic tanks

Spray bottle perfect for cleaning up spills and spreading the product in hard to reach nooks and crannies.

Great for de-greasing, cleaning and refreshing any space
Citrus oils are great fly, mosquito, ants and other bug deterrents

Did you know? Orange Oil clears out termites and ants?*NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS * PET FRIENDLY * CHILD FRIENDLY

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Triple Orange natural cleaning products

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