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Reel Gardening Kids Get Growing (Seed Strips)

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The Reel Gardening Kids Get Growing Kit is an easy and fun way to get children excited about gardening!

Children will learn a lot by growing their own vegetables from organically fertilised seed tape.

Dimensions: 37mm x 90mm x 14mm | Weight: 6g

This kit consists of 3 varieties of vegetables from the Reel Gardening Range:

  • Green Beans
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • 2 planting sachets of each of the above
  • 425mm length of each of the above

It is ideal for pot planting and a great birthday party favour for children!

  1. 5 minutes to plant
  2. Harvest in 40-60 days
  3. High Quality non-GMO seed already inside the biodegradable paper
  4. When watered consistently, the biodegradable paper disintegrates after 6 weeks and adds nutrients to the soil
  5. Saves 80% water in the germination phase.
  6. Get fresh vegetables daily for 3 Months



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