Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons – 3 options

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Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons are suitable for light or medium menstrual flow days.  They are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are totally chlorine free.

Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons are made with a rolled wadding of long-fibre organic cotton – designed to gently absorb menstrual flow and expand widthways.

They do not contain synthetic materials, such as rayon, or chemical additives. The tampons are GMO free, haave no dioxin or pesticide residues and are biodegradable and compostable.

All Natracare cotton tampons are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Natracare does not use animal testing or derived ingredients in any product or process.

Select from:

  • Regular – 10 tampons
  • Regular – 20 tampons
  • Super – 10 Tampons
  • No information
  • No information
  • Plastic Free
  • No information
  • No information
  • No information
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