Hey Gorgeous Aloe Green Tea & Honey Face Mask

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The Gorgeous Aloe Green Tea and Honey mask will soften and repair your skin, providing intense nourishment and comfort for all skin types in need of extra care.

With its calming blend of ingredients, it’s particularly suited to those with distressed complexions suffering from redness and dryness. Formulated with aloe vera, upon contact with the face this mask will instantly soothe and hydrate, moisturising your skin leaving it feeling fresh and revitalised.


Invigorating and repairing, our Aloe Green Tea and Honey Mask is ideal for use when your skin feels a little under the weather or a little dry. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, it will breathe new life into your complexion, revealing a naturally luminous look.

Perfect too for using on sun-damaged skin, if you’ve just been on holiday or if you have dark spots caused from UV rays, this active ingredients within this mask will aid in repairing damage whilst helping to diffuse the appearance of dark spots and redness.

SUPERFOODS: Aloe. Green Tea. Manuka Honey

INGREDIENTS; *Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Aloe Vera Gel *Manuka Honey *Green Tea *Calendula Gel *Chamomile Essential Oil.

SIZE: 100g

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