Food Huggers Silicone Round Food Keeper – Set of 4

R129.00 Incl VAT

Only 2 left in stock

The Silicone Round Food Keeper will help you preserve the freshness of leftover vegetables and fruits. It can also be placed on the unused products in jars, tins, glasses and cups.

The exposed side of fruits and vegetables will be kept fresh and sealed.

The pack consists of 4 sizes (all in green), and can be used as follow:

  • Small – Garlic, bottle tops
  • Medium – Tomatoes, Lime, Garlic, Bottle Tops
  • Large – Lemons, Onions, Kiwi, Plums, Glass Jars
  • X-Large – Orange, Grapfruit, Butternut, Cans and Bowls

Say NO to PLASTIC and keep food fresher for longer.

Food Huggers are made from 100% Silicone and is BPA free. They are dishwasher safe or can be washed with warm water and dishwashing liquid.


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