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Bambu Kitchen – Give It A Rest Slotted Spoon

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”Give It a Rest” utensils each have a unique, patented bump on the back of it,right beneath the head of the spoon. This built-in spoon rest keeps broths, gravies, sauces and other liquids from sullying clean counters or stove tops.  Lightweight and stronger than wood.  Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial. Natural food-safe oil finish.


In addition to being the ultimate answer to the question of where to put it. The 30cm “Give It a Rest” Utensil is also darned good for the environmentMade from untreated Certified Organic bamboo, these hand shaped and smoothly finished spoons and spatulas neither impart nor absorb cooking flavorsBecause they’re formed from a single piece, they also don’t leave behind glue or other residue in your food. They wont scratch cooking surfacesso you never need to worry about where you put them down.


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