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The Blue Nova Impi and Xtenda power system offers an effortless plug-and-play solution to load-shedding and your journey to being off the grid.

The Impi has a state of the art, lithium battery designed to last over 10 years at 100% depth of discharge and uses the stored energy to power your home at night or when the grid is down.

During the day, the Impi uses your solar power the connected devices and charges the battery with any excess solar power. It also uses the grid intelligently when there is insufficient solar or battery power available.

The Impi-Xtenda system allows you to combime multiple units to increase your solar power and/ or battery storage independantly. This means you can grow your system over time.

3kW Inverter with 2kWh Battery

A quick solution to loadshedding with the power to run the critical items in your home, such as your computers, your TVs and even your Kettle with a battery. The Impi has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery and can accept 600 Watts of Solar power.

Add a 2kWh Long-life Battery to your Impi to have a total of 4kW energy storage

Extend your ability to remain off the grid

3kW inverter, 2kWh Long lasting Battery and able to accept 1kW of Solar power

Like the Impi, the Impi-X is a 3kW inverter with a built-in 2kWh Lithium Ion battery but has the ability to accept 1kW of Solar power.

A 2kWh Battery to add to your Impi or Impi-X, but with a built in MPPT to accept additional Solar Power

Add the Xtenda-X to add both energy storage (2kWh) and Solar power (100/30 MPPT) to your Impi System.

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