My Green Journey

My green journey is exactly what is says – it did not happen overnight, and it is far from complete, it is a journey over time. On this journey, I have discovered easier and less costly ways of living a greener life.

  1. Dish Sponges

When I realised that the dish sponges we buy are basically all plastic, I knew I had to make a change.  I started researching eco-friendly alternatives and found the Safix range of products.  The Safix scrubs are packed in recyclable packaging and are made from 100% coconut fibre. An added benefit for me is that they do not scratch – now I can wash glasses, glass doors, windows etc without scratching them.

  1. Take Away Coffees and Teas

When out and about I ALWAYS use my Stojo reusable cup (it folds up nicely, and I simply wash it when I get home).  And if I do not have the cup with me… well then I just don’t buy take away tea.

  1. Tea Bags

It was quite shocking to learn that tea bags contain plastic. When I am out, it is not always easy to find places that makes loose leaf tea, but at home I have a choice.  Thankfully Sunbird Rooibos provides a wide range of loose leaf teas, as well as compostable teabags – and as my new go-to tea brand this has made my tea drinking habit a much greener experience.

  1. Plastic Bags

Taking my reusable shopping bags with me when I go shopping is so empowering.  I feel so in control when the pay point person asks me if I want bags and I can say I have my own.  I used to have a drawer in my kitchen for plastic bags, and that drawer remains mostly empty – the plastic bags that go in there only come from visitors now!

  1. Vegetable Plastic Bags

Where at all possible, I buy loose vegetables.  Avoiding the single-use plastic bags shops provides for vegetables is crucial for me. The EcoBagZZ Reusable Cotton Produce Bag provides me with an alternative to plastic bags, and it has reduced my consumption of single use plastic dramatically.

  1. Cling Wrap

Using Buzzywraps, EcoBagzz Silicone Bags, Stasher Bags and the Food Huggers Silicone Round Food Keeper has allowed me to cut out cling wrap completely from my life.  And all of these products keep food fresher for longer – win win!

  1. Glass and Tile Cleaners

I now follow the age-old recipe of vinegar (which I buy in bulk) to wash my floors and windows.  It is just as effective, does not leave a residue, and is far cheaper than buying retail cleaning products.

  1. Washing Powder

The EcoEgg has proved to be quite a useful and cost saving product for laundry.  It is effective in cleaning your laundry (in most cases).  I have found that towels can have a bit of a mouldy smell, and for that I add baking soda to the wash to eliminate the smell, and for greasy or dirty clothes I use Triple Orange Bio Detergent Laundry Cream.  My greywater from the washing machine is always safe to use in my garden.

  1. Dish Washing Liquid

Although the Triple Orange Auto Dish Gel is still packed in plastic bottles, you can buy 5 liters at a time and fill the small bottles, which still feels like a better eco-friendly alternative.  I use this dish gel for handwashing, because it is made from natural products, it is safe for the environment and much softer on my hands.

  1. Food Waste

I use the Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System for all of our home food waste.  The fermentation process provides great nutrients for my vegetable garden, grass and plants and the solids can be added to your compost heap or donated to community gardens.

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