LEDs – Watts the fuss about?

When it comes to simple, sensible and sustainable, LEDs certainly tick all of the boxes. Not only are they a quick and easy eco-living change to make, they are also affordable and so much better for the environment than our old incandescent friends. For these simple reasons LEDs have a special place in our hearts, and our homes, here at Greenlight.

If, like many, you are still wondering what all the fuss is about, here are some fun LED facts to help you on your LED eco-journey:


  1. LED stands for light-emitting diode.


  1. Incandescence light bulbs emit light as a result of being heated, LEDs emit light by electroluminescence – luminescence produced electrically by the application of voltage.


  1. LEDs use on average 90% less electricity than an incandescent bulb.


  1. LEDs last up to 50 times longer. Good quality LEDs can easily have a lifetime which exceeds 50,000 hours.


  1. At least 95% of an LED is recyclable! AND they contain NO mercury.


  1. For all of the outdoor enthusiasts, the game changing fact… LEDs don’t attract as many insects as other traditional light sources as they have very little UV content. Get those stoep lights changed today…


  1. But what about the watts? When it comes to LEDs throw everything you know about watts and lightbulbs out the window. LEDS are actually all about lumens, but as most of us are finding it hard to let go of watts, here is a basic conversion table to help you out:
Incandescent LED
100 W 16-20 W
75 W 9-13 W
60 W 8-12 W
40 W 6-9 W


  1. Changing just one bulb from a 100W to 5w will save 100kWh per year (assuming 5 hours/day), that equates to a saving of around 100kg of CO2 per year. So, based on this fact alone, the bottom line is that using LEDs for your lighting SHOULD be part of your green journey.


  1. And finally, the BIG question… what about the cost? We did a little experiment here in Cape Town (using Cape Town tariffs). We compared a 60W incandescent to a 5W LED, both run for 5 hrs. The result was an annual saving of R237 and a payback of only 5 months. That is a rate of return of over 400% and that was for just one light bulb. We think that is a much better return than putting your money into the stock exchange!


Make the change to LED today and you will save energy, save the environment AND save money.



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