Green Your Life

For years now there has been talk about “eco-living” “going green” and living a “sustainable lifestyle”, but for many this was just another fad, while for others it was simply too expensive to contemplate. Fast forward a few years and eco-friendly living is now becoming a necessity and finally we can all embrace it without breaking the bank.

At Greenlight our aim is to make this lifestyle change as simple and sustainable as possible. We have done our homework to ensure that the products we offer you are not only great for the environment, but also affordable. To make your journey to greening your life that much easier, here are our top tips with some useful links to our favourite products:


  1. Green your home

    It is no longer difficult to be green!

From installing low-flow showerheads and tap-aerators, to switching to solar and changing to LED lightbulbs, there are numerous changes that you can make at home to reduce your environmental footprint. Greening your home used to be a daunting and expensive undertaking, but with so many affordable products on the market these days, there really is no excuse not to go green. Next month we will be giving you detailed advice on how to green you home, but in the meantime, start to look around…

  • Are you using water-saving products?
  • Have you replaced all of your old energy-sapping lightbulbs with LEDS?
  • Have you thought about getting a quote to take you home off the grid and onto solar?

We have a fantastic range of affordable and sustainable products that will make greening your home a breeze. Shop Now


  1. Green yourself

Simply Bee Honey Beeswax Soap
You can look after yourself without doing harm

For years we have been putting harsh chemicals onto our bodies and into our environment and we are now starting to see the impact that decades of chemical use is having on our health and the health of our planet. Natural health and beauty products have a twofold benefit – they are better for the environment and they are better for you, so it makes sense to start to educate yourself about the products that you are using today.

  • Are there parabens in your shampoo?
  • What chemicals are in the face cream you use every day?
  • Are you washing microbeads down the sink every time you brush your teeth or wash your face?

To get started, check out our Simply Bee products that are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens, making them both safe for you and safe for the environment. Shop Now

  1. Green your plate

Making sustainable food choices is becoming a non-negotiable part of our daily lives. Present consumption rates and wastage are unsustainable and soon something has to give. We are seeing the impact of large scale farming on our climate and the decimation of our fish stocks and yet our plates seem to be where most of us still battle on our green journey. You don’t have to give up your fillet steak or forgo cheese forever, but cutting back on certain foods can collectively have a huge impact on our planet’s health.

If you eat meat consider having just one meat free day a week, and if you eat fish make sure that you are making sustainable choices by always checking the SASSI Seafood Guide.

Next year we will be featuring some delicious #MeatFreeMonday recipes to help you on your green journey, so watch this space.

Greening your life doesn’t have to be hard. By looking at these three areas of your life you can make simple and sustainable changes that will set you on course to live a healthy and happy eco-friendly life.

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