Silvercare products are made from Certified Organic Cotton, that has the following features (unlike other cottons):

  • Strengthens the soil with crop rotation (as opposed to monoculture).
  • Retains water more efficiently thanks to the use of organic matter in the soil (instead of requiring intensive irrigation).
  • Maintains a balance between pests and their natural predators via healthy soil (there is no need to use insecticides, highly toxic pesticides or contaminating sprays).
  • Physically removes weeds and controls them manually (no need to apply herbicides).
  • Capitalises on seasonal freezing for defoliation. It can be stimulated with water management (to avoid defoliation using harmful chemical).
  • Does not artificially treat seeds (instead of doing so with fungicides or insecticides and/or modifying them genetically).

By using organic cotton products, you are directly helping to prevent deforestation. The majority of feminine hygiene products are made using cellulose, which comes from wood.

Silvercare is reviewing the packaging material which is mainly plastic – and we at Greenlight look forward to eco-friendly packaging.

R39.00 Incl VAT