• Long Lasting energy storage
    • Deliver upto 90% of charge for more than 4000 cycles
  • High Energy Density 
    • upto 4 times the energy density of lead acids
  • High Charge and Discharge rates
  • No gassing or ventilation required


  • Designed for African conditions
  • Local service support
  • Locally designed battery management system to maximise performance and battery life
  • Designed for safety


Call if you need help with your battery selection or have any questions…

  • Richard (083 286 8570)

      [email protected]

Experience the benefits of a new generation of energy storage solutions. At Greenlight, we offer you BlueNova batteries for a wide range of applications. From 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V up to 800V. Storage capacity ranges from 1 kWh for small residential applications to 1080 kWh for industrial applications.

R19,159.00R19,519.00 Incl VAT
R19,688.00 Incl VAT
R36,432.00 Incl VAT
R55,626.00R59,846.00 Incl VAT
R71,864.00 Incl VAT
R314,491.00 Incl VAT
R30,280.00 Incl VAT
R79,914.00 Incl VAT
R151,524.00 Incl VAT
R248,216.00 Incl VAT
R104,087.00R105,248.00 Incl VAT
R200,365.00R203,125.00 Incl VAT
R478,734.00 Incl VAT
R14,364.00 Incl VAT
R1,771.00 Incl VAT
R3,646.00 R2,999.00 Incl VAT
R6,325.00 Incl VAT
R12,173.00 Incl VAT
R28,223.00 Incl VAT
R275,207.00 Incl VAT
R369,070.00R383,456.00 Incl VAT
R15,318.00 Incl VAT
R136,988.00 Incl VAT
R294,079.77 Incl VAT
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R31,982.00 Incl VAT
R22,356.00 Incl VAT
R34,615.00 Incl VAT