The Mpower cup is an eco-friendly, economical menstrual product, created to empower women and girls. This 100% pure silicone menstrual cup is made in Cape Town, and each one comes in a handcrafted storage bag created by The Sewing Project, a community project in Ottery.

The Mpower cup helps women to save on a great deal of expense and waste. Unlike ordinary tampons and pads, this hygienic cup is reusable and will last for years. One cup is equal to about 1200 disposable pads!

The medically approved Mpower cup design is reliable, comfortable, hygienic and effective, allowing women and girls to feel confident every day of the month, while saving on the expenses of disposable menstrual products.

The Mpower brand is committed to educating and empowering South African girls, through menstrual health workshops that promote dignity and make sustainable menstrual products more accessible.

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